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"Sports reSponded to many deep human needs and we hope those needs develop in a positive direction. An old saying we grew up with was that 'sports develop Character' but in many cases I found it more accurate to say that 'sports reveal character." - Jay Schofield

The 1970's was one of the most productive decades since the regionalization of the High School. Baseball, softball, soccer, golf and tennis were added to the school sports roster, but it was the already established girl's and boy's basetball teams that took center stage and delivered. In the 1970's, Martha's Vineyard basketball was at its peak. The boy's team recorded several undefeated regular seasons, and both boy's and girl's teams made it to the state tournaments. It is only in recent years that our basketball teams have been able to regain some of their former glory.


1979 Girl's Varsity Basketball State Champions

Ann Mallory and Jenny Manter, two members of the Martha's Vineyard 1979 girl's basketball team, hold up the Division III Massachusetts State Championship plaque, (l-r) Ann Mallory, Jenny Manter and Trcicia McCarthy.

Photo Courtesy of Ken Goldberg, The Grapevine 3/28/79








1978 Baseball Team

Photo courtesy of Ken Goldberg, The Grapevine











The Nantucket Game, 1978

Vineyard quarterback Mark McCarthy releases the ball as Nantucket players close in. Martha's Vineyard lost this game 36-0 and was defeated in their great rivalry with Nantucket during this decade 3-7.

Photo courtesy of Ken Goldberg, The Grapevine





The 1979 Martha's Vineyard Boy's Varsity Basketball Team, Boston Garden

This was the third year the Vineyarders had returned to the Garden and with an impressive fourth quarter comeback, they finally emerged victorious.

Front Row (l-r) Alan Fortes, Sam DeValle, Phil Mercier, Pat Mercier, Steven Maciel.

Standing (l-r) J.V. Coach Michael O'Brien, Mark McCarthy, Marc Rivers, Todd Rebello, Martin Moreis, Eddie Ben David, Steve Daniel, Ralph Harding, Peter Clements, Phil Regan, Chris Rebello, Coach Jay Schofield.

Photo courtesy of Ken Goldberg, The Grapevine


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