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"Sports programs contributed to the well rounded development of all of us" - Kathy Duys, '64

In the 1960s, the newly formed Martha's Vineyard Regional High School developed a sports program that catered to the needs of its students. Coaches worked with their athletes to subdue town rivalries in efforts to promote camaraderie on their teams. These rambuctious, sprited young people had a handful of sports to choose from, unless of course, the student was a girl. Boys had football, track, cross country, basketball, and eventually baseball in the latter part of the decade. Girls had cheerleading or basketball. Volleyball and gymnastics were dabbled in as club sports.


Coaches and Captains 1961

Coach Dan McCarthy played an integral role in the creation of the football program at the high school. He had an assembly in the first year to teach the school the basics of football, and by 1963 he coached the team to an undefeated season. Sancy Pachico coached both football and boys' basketball. When the basketball team was at an away game in Harwich Port, the Vineyard players trashed the locker room. After the game, they regretted their actions because of the moral standard their coach held them to. They wrote apology letters asking for his respect once more.



MVRHS Cheerleaders 1961

In the 1960s both football and basketball had cheerleaders whose six members were chosen by the boy's team. Cheerleading was the only athletic option for girls other than basketball.







Girl's Basketball Team 1964

Ed Krikorian brought the signature purple and white uniforms to the island from Holy Cross College, who were giving their old uniforms away. Cheerleaders had to buy their own uniforms and make their own skirts and pompoms in Home Economics. The girl's basketball team wore their gym uniforms, which were white, belted dresses they were required to keep starched, with pinnies on top.


Boy's Basketball Team 1961

In the 1960s, basketball was the central sport in the school. The boy's team was very popular and talented, and there was a deep sense of community and commitment among team members.



MVRHS Football Coaches and Captains

Regionalization affored enough male participants in the 1960s to start the island's first high school football program ever.









MVRHS Yearbook Superlatives Page

The regional high school's yearbook included sports superlatives for the first time during the 1960s.
















"I would've achieved nothing without the encouragement; sports give you the will to go above and beyond what you think you can really do." - Bob Tankard, '64


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