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Throughout the 2000's there were outsanding individual and team accomplishments shining through for MVRHS athletics. In both 2000 and 2002, the boy's hockey team made it to the state championships and won. In 2003, Coach Donald Herman's football team won the Superbowl for the first time since '99. Just recently, the 2012 boy's tennis team won a first state championship. Girl's basketball has started to shine and boy's basketball has had many successful seasons. This year a varsity swimming team was added to the sports program and practice at the newly constructed YMCA. Individually, Randall Jette was an all around athlete who especially excelled on the football field. He was accepted to the University of Massachusetts, a Division I school, in 2011 with a full scholarship.

2012 Boy's Tennis

In 2012, the boy's tennis team went 23-0 and won the state championship for the first time in their history. Players in the picture (l-r) are Justice Yennie, Kent Leonard, Justin Smith, Patrick McCarthy, Jackson McBride, Natty Schneider, Ryan Sawyer and Sean McAndrews.

Photo Courtesy of Ralph Stewart


2010 Great American Rivalry Series

By 2010, the Island Cup had become part of the Great American Rivalry Series. Coach Donald Herman and player Randall Jette celebrated another win against Nantucket during the 2010 Island rivalry. This year, the game earned QB Alec Tattersall a nod in Sports Illustrated as he engineered a last minute, come-from-behind victory reminiscent of 1992.

Photo Courtesy of Kendall Robinson



2001-2002 MVRHS Sailing Team

While unique to high school sports, sailing is hardly unfamiliar to Islanders. MVRHS has had a sailing team since the 90s and just recently purchased their own racing fleet from Tabor Academy. Previously, they borrowed boats from the Edgartown and Vineyard Haven Yacht Clubs. Because of the dangers inherent in all water sports, teamwork is especialy vital to sailing.

Photo Courtesy of Galen Brew and Sail MV


2000-2001 Boy's Hockey Team


2002 "Champs Off the Ferry"

Boy's hockey became very successful in the late 1990s and early 2000s, winning a Division III state title (2000) and a Division II state title (2002), each time by defeating St. Mary's Lynn. Notable performancse in the 2002 game were given by Ben Gunn (3 goals/2 assists) and goalie Jeff Smadbeck (21 saves).

Photo courtesy of Ralph Stewart


Cross Country Team 2008

Coached by MVRHS physical education teacher, Anne Lemenager, the girl's field hockey team has enjoyed years of success in both the 90s and 2000s, and are now coached by MVRHS physical education teacher Lisa Knight.

Photo Courtesy of Duke Smith