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January 2012

"Historical Perspective: City of Columbus Wrecked 128 Years Ago"   1/17/2012
   Martha's Vineyard Times

"Historical Perspective: A Valentine's Day Mystery"   1/8/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

March 2012

"Martha's Vineyard Celebrates Easter"   3/29/2012 Martha's Vineyard Online

"Tisbury Will Hold a Special Town Meeting April 3"   3/28/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Art: A Celebration of the Art of Stan Murphy"   3/28/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"The Historical Perspective: A Tale of Two Series, a Mystery Solved"   3/21/2012
   Martha's Vineyard Times

"The Grey Barn and Farm is Nearly Three Years Old"   3/21/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Marine Hospital Restoration Delayed"   3/16/2012 Vineyard Gazette

"Bone Discovered at New Museum Site Temporarily Halts Groundwork"   3/9/2012
    Vineyard Gazette

"History Lab"   3/2/2012 Vineyard Gazette

April 2012

"Judging the Best Island Portraits"   4/27/2012 Vineyard Gazette

"Spring into Summer"   4/24/2012 May-June 2012 edition of Martha's Vineyard Magazine

"Vote Now for People's Choice in Martha's Vineyard Museum Contest"   4/24/2012
    Martha's Vineyard Times

"EXPLORE Laura Jernegen: Girl on a Whaleship"   National Endowment for the Humanities

"MV Museum And Featherstone Open Up People's Choice Vote for Island Faces
    Portrait Competition "
   4/20/2012 Martha's Vineyard Patch

"Martha's Vineyard Museum Begins Site Work at Old Marine Hospital"   4/18/2012
    Martha's Vineyard Times

"Art: Martha's Vineyard Architects Show Us How They Think"   4/18/2012
    Martha's Vineyard Times

"Cast Your Vote for your Favorite Island Faces"   4/13/2012 Vineyard Gazette

"Agricultural Society Spring Dinner Is True Taste of Potluck Heaven"   4/6/2012 Vineyard Gazette

"Summer Camps on Martha's Vineyard"   4/3/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society Annual Potluck Fed the Masses"   4/2/2012
   Martha's Vineyard Times

May 2012

"American Eel: Hard Times, Dubious Future"   5/25/2012 Vineyard Gazette

"Three WWII Veterans Recalled Wartime Experiences for Oral History"   5/23/2012
   Martha's Vineyard Times

"The Play's the Thing at the Martha's Vineyard Museum"   5/23/2012
   Martha's Vineyard Times

"New Martha's Vineyard Museum Emerges from the Undergrowth"   5/23/2012
   Martha's Vineyard Times

"Feds Plan to Dispose of Edgartown's Landmark Lighthouse"   5/23/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Museum Opens New Collaborative Exhibition"   5/23/2012 Martha's Vineyard Patch

"In Print: Tom Dresser's Disaster Off Martha's Vineyard A Sad Sea Yarn"   5/15/2012
   Martha's Vineyard Times

"Last Chance: Privateer Lynx Comes to Martha's Vineyard"   5/14/2012 Martha's Vineyard Patch

"Study Will Illuminate Lighthouse's Future"   5/11/2012 Vineyard Gazette

"And the Winner Is…The Martha's Vineyard Museum"   5/11/2012 Martha's Vineyard Patch

"In Print: Dueling on the Water"   5/8/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"The Tall Ship Lynx Will Visit Vineyard Haven Harbor"   5/8/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Pink and Green Weekend Celebrates Mom"   5/5/2012 Martha's Vineyard Online

"Shop Talk: Edgartown preps for Pink and Green Weekend"   5/3/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

June 2012

"Former Hospital Site Will Open New Vistas For Museum"   6/30/2012
    Vineyard Gazette

"Historical Perspective: Martha's Vineyard during the War of 1812"   6/26/2012
    Martha's Vineyard Times

"In Print: Paradise or Fantasy? Dorothy West Bio Examines Myth and Reality"   6/20/2012
    Martha's Vineyard Times

"Martha's Vineyard Museum Readies for a Big Season"   6/6/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"In Print: Beautiful Beacons Come to Life with Vineyard Stories"   6/5/2012
    Martha's Vineyard Times

"New Biography of Island's Most Renowned Artist: Thomas Hart Benton "   6/1/2012
    Martha's Vineyard Patch

"On Thomas Hart Benton's Vineyard, A Sea Change Realized"   6/1/2012 Vineyard Gazette

"Edgartown Lighthouse Will Be Auctioned; Town Looks to Secure Beacon"   6/1/2012
    Vineyard Gazette

July 2012

"Martha's Vineyard with Kids: 40 Top Things to Do on a Martha's Vineyard Summer
    Family Vacation"
7/30/2012 Mommy Poppins

"Museum To Show Never Before Seen Version of Othello Filmed on Martha's Vineyard"
     7/26/2012 Martha's Vineyard Patch

"Prescott Jernegan and the Gold from Seawater Swindle"   7/25/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Summer People: Ellen Weiss"   7/18/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Mariana Cook Show Opens at A Gallery Saturday"   7/18/2012 Martha's Vineyard Patch

"Oak Bluffs Reliving the Dream with Renovated Ballroom"   7/13/2012 Cape Cod Times

"Hoecakes and Whirligigs"   7/6/2012 Vineyard Gazette

"Edgartown: Summer Playground"   7/4/2012 Boston International Travel Examiner

"Evening of Discovery raises funds for Martha's Vineyard Museum"   7/3/2012
    Martha's Vineyard Times

"Discovery, Donations Benefit Museum"   7/3/2012 Vineyard Gazette

August 2012

"Martha's Vineyard Museum Recognizes Four Islanders"   8/21/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Bountiful is a Feast of Facts and Photos" 8/13/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Friends in Need, Philanthropic Deeds" 8/3/2012 Vineyard Gazette

September 2012

"MV Museum Fundraiser Combined Fine Food and Great Art"   9/26/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Museum Debuts New Exhibit, Enchanted Isle"   9/19/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"MV Museum Holds Ceremony of Remembrance"   9/18/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"2012 'Martha's' Business Awards Announced"   9/18/2012 Martha's Vineyard Patch

"Tireless Dedication" 9/14/2012 Vineyard Gazette

"Historical Perspective: The West Tisbury Pageants"   9/11/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Ceremony of Remembrance to be held at Children's Memorial"   9/11/2012 Martha's
Vineyard Patch

October 2012

"Looks Like a Duck: The Art of the Hunt at Martha's Vineyard Museum"   10/31/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Art*Island a Successful Collaboration of Many"   10/30/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Historical Perspective: Edgartown Lyceum Provided a Home for Spirited Debate"   10/24/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Sam Low to speak on Polynesian Starpaths at Martha's Vineyard Museum"   10/24/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Old Gay Head Light May Be Auctioned By Government"   10/18/2012 Vineyard Gazette

"An Amazing Resource..."   10/17/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"New MV Museum Development Director finds a Perfect Fit"   10/17/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Faces in a Crowd: A close look at Martha's Vineyard Personalities"   10/15/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Enjoy the Off-season in Martha's Vineyard"   10/12/2012 New York Magazine

"A Breath of Plein Air at Martha's Vineyard Museum"   10/9/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

November 2012

"Historical Perspective: Waterfowling was once a way of life"   11/27/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"The Art of Decoys" 11/20/2012 Martha's Vineyard Magazine

"From Behind the Duck Blind, Decoy Exhibit Showcases History"   11/8/2012 Vineyard Gazette

"Not If, But When Regarding Relocation Of Gay Head Light"   11/1/2012 Vineyard Gazette

December 2012

"Historical Perspective: Hines Point Capers"   12/26/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Change in Status of Gay Head Lighthouse Sought, to Encourage Preservation"   12/19/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times

"Congressman Calls for Action to Save Gay Head Light"   12/13/2012 Vineyard Gazette

"Iconic Vineyard Lighthouse in Danger"   12/9/2012 Cape Cod Times

"Edgartown's Three Day Holiday Celebration Starts Friday"   12/4/2012 Martha's Vineyard Times