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February 2010

"Sketches Trace the Progress Of an Artist and an Island" 02/05/10 Vineyard Gazette

"New Director Aims to Make History Hip" 02/26/10 Vineyard Gazette

March 2010

"Voices of World War II" 03/18/10 MV Times

"Scrap Metal, Spies and Soldiers: A Girl Recalls Island in Wartime" 03/26/10 Vineyard Gazette

May 2010

"Bonnie Stacy is the new curator at MV Museum" 05/13/10 MV Times

"Historic Painting Bound for Museum"05/20/10 MV Times

"Martha's Vineyard Museum Announces Summer Schedule" 05/27/10 MV Times

"One-Eyed Determination Took Nelson Bryant to Normandy" 05/28/10 Vineyard Gazette

"You Just Don't Know What to Expect" 05/28/10 Vineyard Gazette

"Two Young Paratroopers Jumping into World War II"05/28/10 Vineyard Gazette

June 2010

"The Lighthouse Challenge: Five Stops in One" 06/04/10 Vineyard Gazette

"Sheldon Hackney Presents Classic World War II Films" 06/04/10 Vineyard Gazette

"New Chief Curator is Part of Museum Reorganization" 06/15/10 Vineyard Gazette

"Gone Whaling: A Child's Eye View of Life on a Whale Ship" 06/18/10 Vineyard Gazette

"Myles Thurlow, Man Behind the Spars" 06/18/10 Vineyard Gazette

July 2010

"The Fishermen"07/02/10 Vineyard Gazette

"Celebrating Personal Stories from War at Museum Dinner" 07/20/10 Vineyard Gazette

"Flights of History" 07/20/10 Vineyard Gazette

"Heat, Hundreds Welcome Historic Planes to Grass Strip in Katama" 07/20/10 Vineyard Gazette

"Discovering the M.V. Museum" 07/22/10 MV Times

August 2010

"Medals Will Honor Three Outstanding Vineyarders" 08/06/10 Vineyard Gazette

September 2010

"Our Town: Sketching Island Character In Six Parts With New Museum Show"
   09/24/10 Vineyard Gazette

December 2010

"Museum Explores a Possible Move to Former Marine Hospital " 12/03/10 Vineyard Gazette

"A Whale of a Time" 2010-2011 edition of Martha's Vineyard Magazine