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Museum Book Publications
As part of its mission, the MVM occasionally publishes books relating to Island history, individuals, and community life. Publications are often in conjunction with exhibits or in collaboration with others. Below is a short list of selected works that have been published. For a more extensive list of published works, please refer to the Museum Shop page.

History of MVThe History of Martha's Vineyard by Arthur Railton   
This wonderful history, the first comprehensive history of the Island since Charles E. Banks wrote The History of Martha's Vineyard in 1900, begins with the glaciers and works its way through the Native American journey, the age of European exploration and settlement, maritime history, the development of the Island as a world class resort, and more. People, places, and events-local and worldwide-are chronicled here.
The History of Martha's Vineyard, May 2006, Martha's Vineyard Museum and Commonwealth Editions of Beverly, MA.

Martha's Vineyard by Bonnie Stacystacybook
Chief Curator Bonnie Stacy and the MV Museum have teamed up with Arcadia Publishing to create Martha's Vineyard, a new pictorial history celebrating the rich history of the Island. The book includes 220 photos from the Museum's extensive photograph collection that illustrate various aspects of the history of the Island. This collection, donated through the generosity of Islanders and visitors over the course of almost a century, provides a record of the Vineyard from the 1840s to the 1970s. Many of them have never been published before.

smithsThe Smiths of Pohoganut with Introduction and Notes by Marian Halperin   
The Diaries of Hanna and Rebecca Smith offer a rare glimpse into the inner lives of two young ladies from Martha's Vineyard in the early 1800s. Their diaries focus on their observations of the world around them. Former Director of the Museum Marian Ragan Halperin offers her insights to enhance our interpretation of these documents.

Vineyard Voices and More Vineyard Voices Edited by Oral Historian Linsey LeeMore Vineyard Voices
This popular set of portraits of Island people and excerpts from oral history interviews were conducted by Linsey Lee, MVM Oral History Curator. Vineyard Voices, was so popular, that a second edition entitled More Vineyard Voices followed it.
Vineyard Voices - Words, Faces and Voices of Island People, 1998, Martha's Vineyard Museum.
More Vineyard Voices - Words, Faces and Voices of Island People, 2005, Martha's Vineyard Museum.

Sea StruckSea Struck by William H. Bunting
Sea Struck is about the final decades of American square-rigged sail, as recorded in firsthand accounts of voyages made by three well-born young men from Massachusetts. Frank Besse and Carleton Allen kept fascinating accounts while sailing as paying passengers aboard their ships. Rodman Swift's journal, kept in secret aboard the steel four-masted bark Astral, relates the reality of a prolonged and difficult voyage from Philadelphia to Japan and finally to San Francisco.
Sea Struck, 2004, Martha's Vineyard Museum and Tilbury House.

Where Magic Wears a Red Hat: The Art of Stanley MurphyBOOK FILLER
Across a career that spanned more than fifty years, Stanley Murphy painted Martha's Vineyard with the exacting eye of a seasoned craftsman and the magical soul of a poet: its fishermen and selectmen and farmers and tribal elders; its seas and stones and fields and flowers; its fishes and cows and dogs.
Where Magic Wears a Red Hat: The Art of Stanley Murphy, 2004, Martha's Vineyard Museum.

THOSE WHO SERVE FILLERThose Who Serve Martha's Vineyard and WWII Edited by Oral Historian Linsey Lee
Those Who Serve contains photo portraits and oral history interviews conducted and edited by MVM Oral History Curator Linsey Lee. The personal stories and perspectives of Vineyard people who survived the War years are a part of the Museum's oral history collection. These stories bring alive the horror and confusion of battle, the exhilaration of victory, and the shared sacrifice and anxiety experienced by those on the home front.
Those Who Serve: Martha's Vineyard and WWII, 2010, Martha's Vineyard Museum.

Your Affectionate Son, Charlie Mac by Marian Halperinstacybook
In these pages -- preserved and now transcribed in the collection of the Martha's Vineyard Museum -- we find the personal journey of a young soldier and his maturation through years of travel in the south to Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, and back to Virginia for the final advance on Richmond during the Civil War. Here are his eyewitness descriptions of long marches and brave men, his political opinions as shared with his family – and evidence of his homesickness, which never left him.