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The Art of the Hunt: Decoys

A Celebration of the Island's Human Diversity

June 16 - September 4, 2017


Martha's Vineyard is a place to appreciate natural and human grace. This project arose from the idea that all people possess a unique and essential human story that deserves to be shared.

Immigration is a common historical theme in the region, and many generations of newcomers have found themselves on these shores over the centuries. Each new story brought with it the ability to give a profound contribution to the community. Through exchanging our stories, and filling our hearts with the richness of cultural diversity, we promote the tolerance and openness that are this Island's heritage.

Cultural beauty is boundless, and if we look each other in the eye and listen with compassion, we will find ourselves. We are all one humanity in search of love, dreams, and happiness. Hopefully by sharing these portraits and stories, we will highlight the strong multi-cultural fabric of the Island, and raise awareness for our shared humanity.


Mila Lowe


Angeline - Philippines Pema - Bhutan
Elena - Russia Sasha - Russia
Gislaine - Brazil Sedar - Turkmenistan
Javkhlan - Mongolia Sergio - Argentina
Jirawadee - Thailand Slavic - Moldova
Lora - Bulgaria Tamara - Serbia
Martin - Cameroon Tilma - Albania
Mila - Moldova Uma - India
Nicoleta - Romania Yolani - Marshall Islands


Angeline - Philippines



Elena - Russia



Gislaine - Brazil



Javkhlan - Mongolia



Jirawadee - Thailand



Lora - Bulgaria



Martin - Cameroon



Mila - Moldova

David Welch Photography



Nicoleta - Romania



Pema - Bhutan



Sasha - Russia



Sedar - Turkmenistan



Sergio - Argentina



Slavic - Moldova



Tamara - Serbia



Tilma - Albania



Uma - India



Yolani - Marshall Islands


Funding for this project is provided by the Permanent Endowment Fund of Martha's Vineyard.