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Pottery Exhibit

October 6 - October 21, 2017

We began about eight years ago as a no name group of artists who loved the challenge of plein air painting.  We’d paint together at designated island locations and show our work at the end of the season at….well, wherever we could find a shop or theatre willing to take in our show.  Four years ago we officially gave our group a name: AIRE MV.  With the help of Kim McCarthy (my sis), we moved into social media including Facebook, Instagram, twitter and other things beyond me.

The process has been amazing.  Artists coming from different disciplines joined together to discover what the Impressionists discovered long ago.  Plein air painting is different than most other techniques.  It is a challenge that informs an artist’s other work whether sculpture or collage or pastel or oil or acrylic applications.  

Plein air is all about the light, the fleeting light lasting maybe 90 minutes max before it changes completely.  Remember all those haystacks and lily ponds?  The artist would have several paintings in the works at the same time, switching to the appropriate canvas for each particular time of day.  The idea is to paint the light as it strikes your landscape.  The time of day colors all we see.  The 19th century impressionists began their work with a technical advancement:   paint in tubes.  They could then leave their studios.  The rest is history.  

But why the Marine Hospital?  It's a majestic site.  The history of the building seems to be written on its facade.  And while the stories of ghostly soldiers is intriguing, artists are drawn more to the welcoming though worn and tattered porch, the decades of time etched on the windows and the beautiful views of the water to be enjoyed by future visitors.

AIRE MV artists included in this Spotlight exhibition are: Valentine Estabrook, Kanta Lipsky, Marjorie Mason, June Schoppe, Gail Rodney, Janice Langley, and Lizzy Schule.